Our journey to great beer

It started with a family of beer lovers. One, a recovering alcoholic, finds himself drinking non-alcoholic options that are either too sweet, too boring or packed with caffeine.

He longed for that sumptuous, crisp taste of a refreshing beer. Feeling wholeheartedly unsatisfied with the quality of alcohol-free beers on the market, he believed better could be done. So, he turned to his children to help make it happen. 

Luckily for him, Becky and Joe are always happy to help wherever beer is involved. They set out on a mission to the homeland of beer; Germany. After much trawling of the Biergartens and Brau-hauses, they eventually, by chance, came across the German counterpart of their own family. 

This family had a brewery that was over 500 years old, and between them over a 100 years of brewing experience. Needless to say the quality of their work was outstanding, and they relished the challenge of creating the ultimate alcohol-free beer.

The resulting creation, a crisp Bavarian hells with no more than 0.3% alcohol, exceeded all their expectations. Not only was the taste amazing, but they discovered it was brimming with health benefits!   

From its low calories and high vitamins, to reducing stress and cholesterol, and even helping pregnant women produce breast milk - all of this accompanied by the delicious taste of great beer. 

They returned to the UK with only a few bottles, excited to share this wondrous creation with friends and family. Now, a year on they find FitBeer stocked in several bars and restaurants all over London, employees of their own and ever increasing online sales. 

From here, they have made it their mission to keep spreading the word. That even if you don’t want alcohol, you can still enjoy that great taste of a delicious beer.


Becky, Jim and Joe - FitBeer Founders

Becky, Jim and Joe - FitBeer Founders