Go Sober for October

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By now you've probably heard about Dry January, run by Alcohol Concern. Some of you might have even braved a month without booze before.

But have you heard about Sober October?

Run by Macmillan Cancer Support, Sober October is a national alcohol intake awareness campaign. All you have to do is 'go sober' in October and get your friends and family to sponsor you to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support. It's a great way to decrease, or dare I say it, work towards cutting booze out completely. 

The theme of this year's campaign is 'how alcohol can affect friendships'. The guys at Sober October have commissioned some revealing research that we'll share with you very soon. Keep an eye out on our social media pages!

If you go to the Sober October website, you'll get tips on drinks ideas, how to prepare for the month and most importantly how you can sign up and raise money for Macmillan.

With your help we can get the word out and inspire people to take a break from booze and maybe even try FitBeer. 

Bottoms up!



Becky KeanComment