What are the Benefits of Dry January?


1.A good Start to the Year

The new year brings new beginnings and many decide that it’s a great time to start a fresh and leave last years worries behind. Going alcohol free for a month is one way you can kick start you year without the beer goggles.

2.Giving your Body a Break

With Christmas and the New Year just gone, your body definitely needs a well deserved break to recharge it’s batteries. After one week away from alcohol, you may notice that you are sleeping better. Benefits of this include: increased productivity, increased problem solving abilities and your ability to control your emotions and behaviour will also improve. 

“You’ll also have more opportunity to manage your food and drink intake. Sleep helps to balance the hormones that make you feel hungry or full. After drinking, your ghrelin levels (the hormone that makes you feel hungry) go up and leptin (the hormones that make you feel full) go down.” says Priory Group, a leading independent provider of behavioural care in the UK, meaning less late night trips to the kebab shop.

3.Discovering New Ways to Have Fun

Many people use their sober month to start a new hobby. With more and more people deciding to brave it for a month, there’s loads of material from people on the same journey with suggestions of new things to do. Here’s some of our favourites:

4.Exploring new ‘adult soft drinks’

The alcohol free drinks market is on the rise and gone are the days where non drinkers have to settle for an orange juice or a fizzy drink. Now, you can indulge in alcohol free beers like FitBeer and Nirvana or even an alcohol free gin or two. If you’re looking for somewhere to catch a cold one, have a look at our stockists page where you can find places that are likely to stock a range of options.

5.Sense of Achievement

Nothing will beat the feeling of accomplishment that you’ll have at the end of the month as well as all the benefits that you will have gained after going a month off alcohol. If you’ve done Dry January, feel free to comment below with your experience!


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