5 Reasons Why you Should Try a Month Off Booze


1: Because if you like beer, you don’t have to give it up.


Happy days! There are loads of great alcohol-free beer options on the market. Of course, there’s FitBeer. But if you like craft ales, you’ll love Nirvana. They have a superb range, with intriguing names like Kosmic, Tantra and Karma.

The range of alcohol-free drinks now available on the market is growing fast. There’s something for everyone, from wines to gin to Prosecco. If you like your boozy flavours but don’t want to get tipsy, you can…Gone are the days when the only boozless pub options are orange juice or tonic water.

If you’re struggling to find a place that does interesting alcohol-free drinks, check out our stockists to see if there’s a pub selling FitBeer near you. Or you can visit the Dry Scene or Club Soda websites to find top venues that offer a range of adult, alcohol-free options.

2: Because giving up alcohol for a month will help you make better connections with people.

happy no hangovers!

The theme for this year’s ‘Go Sober for October’ campaign is how alcohol can affect friendships.

We know from speaking to our customers that making small changes, like drinking alcohol-free beer at work events helps to create better, and more genuine connections with colleagues. You don’t’ have to be a top psychiatrist to know that when the booze flows, the mouth is on overdrive, and the ears take a back seat.   


3: Because taking a break from anything is just sound advice.

You go on holiday at least once a year (if you can). You get away from your partner at least once a day (if you can ;) You don’t live with your parents forever (if you’re lucky). You even chuck the kids out eventually (again, if you’re lucky). So, giving up booze for a month should be a doddle.

4: No hangovers for a month.

A hangover is your body and mind in recovery mode, so it's more challenging to be productive. You’re just not at your best, and because many of us drink at least once a week, we feel like it’s normal. This lack of energy and general inefficiency often goes under the radar, especially for young people, because we all just tend to soldier on. 

People often report that The subtle effects of the hangover are much easier to recognise when returning to drinking after giving up for a month. Why not try it yourself. 


5: You get to raise money for a good cause.

If You ‘Go Sober for October’ the official way, you get to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. All you need to do is sign up via the website and download a sponsorship form.