Our Favourite Things About Spring

As the earth continues on it's rotation around the sun, our world gets a little brighter and the cold memories of winter begin to melt away. We've listed three things that we look forward to during spring!


Longer Days


As if it isn't hard enough to wake up in the mornings, winter made it even harder with having to wake up in darkness. The average sunrise during spring in England is at around 6am so we can look forward to waking up in the light, yay to vitamin D!





The Return of Nature



Although winter landscapes can be beautiful, nothing beats the sight of cherry blossom and budding daffodils on the daily commute. The sound of woodland creatures waking up after hibernation fill the air, but don't forget to guard your plants from those rabbits!




Warmer Weather



Although a fair amount of April showers is expected during spring in the UK, our most favourite thing about Spring is definitely the warmer weather.

In a concrete jungle like London parks are definitely appreciated, especially for us outdoor loving folk who love greenery. You can check out the best parks in London here.


What's your favourite spring thing? Leave a comment below!

Becky Kean