Reclaim Your Summer

New research from Club Soda states that hangovers steal two weeks of the hottest season...

Lady Walking in the Morning with no Hangover - FitBeer

What could you be doing if you weren’t spending beautiful summer days cooped up indoors with a hangover?

New research from OnePoll and Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement, shows that the average British drinker will lose two weeks of their time this summer suffering the effects of too much booze.

The research showed that one in three (33%) of UK adults who drink alcohol will have at least one hangover a week this summer. Over the summer months, that adds up to an average of nearly two whole weeks of hungover days for every adult in the UK.

The survey also looked at what else people would spend their time doing if they weren’t hungover. Spending time on holidays or travel were stated by 38% as the preference over nursing a hangover, whilst 33% would catch up on their sleep. Relationships with family or loved ones could take a boost if people weren’t wasting days feeling rough, with 27% saying they’d invest extra time in this and 25% saying they’d socialise. 26% could focus instead on their hobbies or personal projects, with 25% stating that they could spend time on sport or fitness activities like football or yoga.

And it’s not just sporting or leisure activities that hangovers are getting in the way of. Even amorous pursuits are a victim of too much booze the night before, with 21% of people stating that if they weren’t hungover, they’d spend their extra time on dating or sex.

At FitBeer, we’d rather tuck into a cold alcohol-free beer than sacrifice tomorrow’s fun. We asked our team what they’d rather do over spending time lamenting a hangover.

Becky: “Camping! I’d grab my tent, head out early and get hiking, then pitch up in a nice spot to spend the night under the stars. Not doable with a pounding head, trust me.”
Byron: “Waking up with a clear head means I can get up early and enjoy the morning. I can get creative and focus on music - learning an instrument is such a valuable way to spend time.”
Drew: “I’m with the 21% - see above!”
Jayro: “Go swimming! I can think of a million and one things but I’d just spend time doing things that I love. Plus, swimming is the perfect way to cool down in this heatwave!”

Rachel: “I love spending the weekends on long walks across the city, exploring new areas and stopping off for a cheeky ice cream, so I’d rather be doing that than spending a day hungover!”

However you decide to spend your summer, ditch some of those hangovers by choosing alcohol-free. Reclaim your summer; grab a cold FitBeer at Mindful Drinking Festival this Saturday.


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