Meet the FitBeer Team!

Being a small startup business, our customers are like our good friends. We feel like we know all of you so we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly! Whether you need a helping hand with your order of beer, or just someone to come round and babysit your kids, we are here for you. So without further ado….

Our sales wizards, putting in the footwork around the big city:

 (Left) Andrew, a die hard Crystal Palace fan. Also a dedicated gym attendee and could probably bench press a horse

Activity of choice: "Almost anything sport related, football (in particular crystal palace), boxing, rugby, golf. motorsport, cricket, athletics, I could go on. Also enjoy live music/festivals."

Favourite FitBeer food pairing: "Trying to eat healthily at the moment so will have to go with chicken or fish."

(Right) Byron, a musician extraordinaire. If he’s not strutting the streets selling beer, he’s rocking the stage like a god. 

Favourite FitBeer Food Pairing: "Steak, twice cooked chips and butter sautéed asparagus - Just like in Law Abiding Citizen :)"

Activity of choice: "Meditation, mindfulness, wearing his Chanel sunglasses in the office."

Our social media and marketing guru:

Jayro, the most upbeat and friendly human being you will ever meet. She also dons the viola and can sing like a dream.  

Activity of choice: "Swimming and walking - especially when you've got somewhere good to walk to, like Nando's...or the pub"

Favourite FitBeer food pairing: "Pizza! At the moment my toppings of choice are goats cheese, red onions and olives but my selection changes frequently"

The dynamic duo and founders of FitBeer:

(Left) Joe, the lover of all things beer related. Don’t get him started on the history of beer. He will never stop. 

Activity of choice: “Jamming with my band buddies! Very much enjoy sinking into some musical vibes - a cold beer always goes nicely with it too."

Favourite FitBeer food pairing: “Would have to say grilled salmon fillet with some spinach and lentils. Super fresh and super delicious.”

(Right) Becky, an activity enthusiast and worshiper of mother nature, her green fingers can nurture a herb garden into a rainforest.

Activity of choice: "Running or yoga"

Favourite FitBeer food pairing: "Always has to be a curry! Any veggie curry will do"

So that's us! Now you know our faces we'd love to see yours. Snap yourself with a bottle of FitBeer and hashtag #FitBeer or mention us @FitBeerOfficial! 

Becky Kean