5 Reasons to Swap Sports Drinks for an Alcohol Free Beer

Lots of athletes (and first time marathoners) will celebrate the end of their gruelling training  and race with an isotonic* sports drink or a well-earned, frosty beer. Well, not many know this secret, but drinking a quality non-alcoholic beer will in fact help post marathon recovery in a fast (and delicious) way.


1) Calories, sugar and the lack there of

At a meagre 66 kcal, Fitbeer has 60% less calories than your average isotonic sports drink. Giving you better hydration and electrolyte replacements.

A bottle of Lucozade contains 64g of sugar, equal to 2 packets of Bassett’s Jelly Babies! Fitbeer has just 1.04g of Sugar. Sugar is a quick fix energy replacement and not good for recovery in the medium term.

2) Replaces all things lost

Unfortunately, alcohol free beer cannot replace your lost keys, however it can replace the vital salts and minerals that your body releases during exercise.

People ask us all the time…why Fitbeer?  It’s because we found that science has proven that non-alcoholic beer helps you recover, and train for endurance races in a natural way; it has less sugar, more carbohydrates for slow release energy and even helps replace natural bacteria in your gut.

3) Natural Ingredients

Fitbeer is made with only four natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. No more, no less.

4) Polyphenols*

A big word with big importance. Alcohol-free beer has loads of these. They help stave off viruses, like a cold when your body temperature changes rapidly after a long run. They also increase the ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut, which is important for health, weight management and disease prevention.

5) Taste

Nothing beats the taste of a cold beer, especially after an epic race, hockey game, rugby match, lounge in the garden or even watching how hard the London Marathon athletes are working. Try it now by clicking below:

*Isotonic essentially means that it contains essential salts and minerals to replace those lost as a result of sweating during vigorous exercise. (click here for more)

*Polyphenols = compounds found abundantly in natural plant food sources that have antioxidant properties. (click here for more)