Drinking Fit

FitBeer friend, Philip Scard, is running the London Marathon for 'Brain Tumour Research'. Philip is drinking FitBeer alcohol free beer after (and sometimes before) he trains. We'll be checking in with Philip throughout his training to hear his experience of drinking FitBeer as part of a balanced training regime. You can follow him at A Bear of Too Much Brain

My name is Philip. I’m an experienced runner and even more experienced beer drinker, and in 10 days' time I’ll be running the London Marathon!

Like many people I enjoy a cool beer after exercise; it’s refreshing, tasty, and just a little bit decadent. But with the increasing demands of my current training, the alcohol straight after a run when I’m dehydrated and low on electrolytes is perhaps a little too decadent.

This is where FitBeer comes in!

Over the coming weeks, starting with the final stages of my marathon training, I’ll be trialling FitBeer as a sports recovery and re-hydration drink. Out goes the sugary Lucozade, in comes the tasty isotonic beer.

Now that’s something to really look forward to as I near the end of a run :) Check back for updates on my progress!

Try it for yourself

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Becky Kean