5 Stars, 13,000 Bottles and No Hangover - 2017 FitBeer Highlights

This post feels a bit like writing an Oscars acceptance speech. We’ve had a great year!

Thank you to all the new and repeat customers buying FitBeer online. A special welcome to all our new stockists. You can now get FitBeer, all over the UK, in more than 70 venues. Thank you as well to, The Great Taste Award, for your support.

If that wasn’t enough, November was a blast! It was great to connect with other businesses like us at Food Matters Live, in The Enterprise Zone. Hello to Brain Füd and Beanies. Like FitBeer these guys are part of a vanguard of adult drinks companies offering innovative drinks. We know from our customer feedback that there is a real hunger for interesting booze-free drinks.  

Finally, many thanks Club Soda. If you’re interested in quality, booze-free products, events, research and venues, stay in touch with these guys. We had the pleasure of attending their second Mindful Drinking Festival where we met journalist Harry Wallop of The Times. He gave FitBeer a 5-star rating in an article called ‘Non-alcoholic drinks – the taste test’. He said ‘This is a delicious beer. Smooth, honeyed notes, a real pleasure to drink.’

Since the article came out we’ve sold out of beer and are busy making sure we have more stock for Dry January (but you can still get your pre-order in). We thought that it was interesting that most of the orders came from outside London, some as far as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you live outside London and want to see FitBeer stoked in a venue near you, please get in touch with us or comment on this post.

This is a revolution led by you, the consumer. The industry is slowly catching up to the fact that drinking beer doesn’t have to mean getting drunk.  

Here's some pictures from our 2017!


Becky Kean