"Recovering Alkies and Hipsters"

It's Monday morning and I'm ready for the week for once - the sun is shining (ish), the birds are singing (not really), and I'm ready for the day ahead. With happiness in my heart and positivity in my mind I make the first phone call of the day.

"Hi there, we'd like to tell you about our new alcohol-free beer" 

Hahaha laughs the bar manager,  "but whats the point of that?"

"Whats the point?!?! What's the point of skimmed milk? What's the point of smart cars? What's the point of diet coke? Low fat cheese? Brown bread? Sugar free cake? Dark Chocolate? - Don't belittle the needs of the minority Mr. Bar Man, or I promise you, you'll be rained upon by this community!"

This is what I would've said if I didn't have the responsibility of demonstrating good customer service, so rather, I presented him with the facts.

Now the point of this post is not to shame you into an alcohol free life, it's to remind you that alcohol free beer is for everyone, not just the recovering alcoholics and hipsters. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the reason behind the 'madness' of alcohol free options.

Not everyone can drink alcohol and not everyone wants to drink alcohol.

Drivers - Drink driving is certainly a problem, it's not cool, smart or funny. Alcohol free options enable those of us on driving duty to feel like part of the fun whilst remaining social and soberly safe.

Mothers - Pregnant? Thats not just a night off from drinking, but a 9 month dry marathon! For some this isn't a big deal but again, the lack of alcohol free options in pubs, cafes and restaurants can potentially drive some soon to be mums up the wall. 

Under 18s*- Beer is a genuinely good drink and doesn't rely on alcohol content to be pleasurable, therefore, it's suitable for all ages!

Midday Treats - Is 11am too early for a beer? Not if it's alcohol free! Non alcoholic beer is a great option to compliment lunch, business meetings and conferences. Some even contain B vitamins that will give you a much needed energy boost to carry you through the rest of the day... *cough* FitBeer *cough* 

You! - You can drink alcohol free beer. It isn't only for teetotallers and health fanatics, it's for you, a regular everyday normal person in need of a refreshing beverage.

So yeah, there is a point of alcohol free options, in fact there's a NEED for such things, no matter your lifestyle, alcohol free options do have a place.

*FitBeer does not encourage or condone drinking alcohol under the appropriate age!

Becky Kean