FitBeer in the News

Last week Joe and I had the privilege of being featured in a global newspaper. Thats right, we made the WORLDWIDE NEWS*. 

...OK, so it was the local Canary Wharf paper, but still very exciting for us! 

We may be working with brewers in Germany, but we still consider ourselves a local company, catering to the local market and very much involved in the local community; both in the Isle of Dogs and further afield in the wider London area. So this was a great way to get our name heard, and let local merrymen and merrywomen know that soon they can finally have a great tasting alcohol-free beer! 

Check us out in the online version of The Wharf- or if you don't have the internet (how are you reading this???) then we have conveniently scanned the newspaper to create a handy computer friendly picture. 

Alcohol-free beer, FitBeer, in Canary Wharf newspaper

*the local paper.




Becky Kean