6 Alcohol Free Beers to watch out for (+2 others...)

Most people would assume that todays range of AF beer is poor to say the least, and if you scour the internet, you can find journalists’ and bloggers’ lists of ones they believe to be the best. But here at FitBeer, we weren’t too impressed with those lists. So we decided to make our own. 

Here are some of the ones, we believe, to truly be the best around:


1. Kehrwieder Kreativ Brauerei’s, über Normal Null (ü.NN)

This IPA is up there as one of the best in the world. If you’re a fan of craft varieties and enjoy a lot of flavour, it’s definitely the one for you. It’s impossible to tell that it has no alcohol. If I was given this beer in a pub, my guess would be that’s around 6-7% abv. 

Beautifully weighted and fruity, with the perfect balance of exotic hops. The flavours linger (in a good way), rather than instantly disappearing or just turning into an unpleasant aftertaste like a lot of AF’s. 

If you want to try it, you’ll need to act quick. They’ve been flying off the shelves around Germany since it’s unveiling in early 2016!

2. Nirvana Brewery

This new and wonderful, upcoming brewery is dedicated entirely to brewing AF free beer of all kinds. Founded by Steve Dass, his knowledge of craft brewing and passion for excellent beer has driven him to create some amazing recipes - ranging from fresh, citrussy pale ales to delicious chocolatey stouts. None with that unpleasant AF aftertaste, just pure beer flavour! This place is the first ever of it’s kind and has all of us at FitBeer very excited!

If you’re interested in trying some of Steve’s beers, his East London brewery is opening up in the coming months and is due to have it’s beer on UK shelves later 2016. Keep an eye out! 

3. Nix, Lager and Wheat beers 

These beers are also a new addition to AF world. Brewed by the West brewery (situated in Scotland), it’s made using traditional German methods with the alcohol gently removed. 

The result is tangy, well balanced Wheat beer that’s not too sweet (as some AF wheat beers tend to be) and an accurately crisp Lager with that pleasant German hop bitterness.

Getting hold of a crate is a simple task - just go to the West Brewery website where they have a online shop available!

4. Birell, Czech beer

This beer has managed to build its way up to be the most popular AF beer in Czech Republic. Produced through the Pilsner Urquell brewery, it uses a unique yeast that allows it to undergo the exact same brewing process as alcoholic beer. 

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to taste this beer yet, as it isn’t easy to get hold of outside of the Czech Republic, but if you can, you’re in for a nice surprise!

5. Mikkeller, Drink’in the Sun 13 

This is yet another AF beer that we have heard many great things about. We haven’t been able to sample it unfortunately, as it’s brewed in Denmark and is in limited supply. 

The reviews all describe it as a hoppy citrus beer with hints of exotic fruit. We’re itching to get hold of some! 

6. Neumarkt Lammsbräu, brewery

On our trips to Germany we frequently came across these beers in shops and thought they were definitely worth a mention, partly because of their fantastic variety of AF’s and partly because they are genuinely very good beers. 

Their AF’s range from Dunkel’s to Weiss to Pilsner’s and also a Gluten free, our favourite being the Dunkel - it has a nice smooth finish and a well weighted body, which a lot of AF beers tend to lack.

They’re widely sold in shops around Germany, mainly in the Bioland shops, and are also available online.


Other beers that may interest you (...but w/ alcohol)

7. To Øl, Gypsy Brewers

This company, started up by two crazy Danes in 2010, has quickly become known as one of the most innovative and creative brewing companies on the planet. The term ‘Gypsy Brewer’ means they do not have their own brewing equipment or facilities and so means they are lent out to breweries that have spare capacity. It also means they end up collaborating and coming out with some truly brilliant recipes and ideas.

Their range of beers has gone from 1 to almost 200 in six years and is still growing, each one more inventive than the last.

Keep an eye on these guys as we are confident they will be coming out with an AF at some point in the very new future!

8. Babo Blue, the all-natural blue beer

One of the evenings’ we spent in Bamberg, we got chatting to a nice man in the hostel we were staying in. After we explained our mission for the best AF, he told us about this new beer, made by students, that is bright blue but made with all natural ingredients. We didn’t believe him at first, but after looking it up, we found he was not lying. It’s not AF but by God is it worth a mention!

We haven’t been able to try it unfortunately so our minds’ are still going crazy with curiosity. If anyone gets hold of any, let us know what it tastes like!  

Becky Kean