6 Surprising Benefits to Drinking Alcohol-Free Beer

Drinking culture in the UK has, for a very long time, revolved around the alcohol presence within beer, wine or any other drink that one takes preference to. But how much of this social culture is genuinely reliant on the alcohol itself? For most of us, the answer would be -‘Entirely, of course!’. However, there are many benefits to drinking beer and socialising that go unnoticed due to the over-powering idea that getting drunk is the reason we enjoy going to the pub. After doing a bit of research, we found quite a few things the you may be surprised to hear!


1. Good for the Heart

Drinking (in moderation) can actually be beneficial to our health by helping to prevent heart diseases and conditions. Initial studies suggested it was the ethanol presence that was reason for this but scientists in Germany have found this may not be the case. They found non-alcoholic beer slowed down blood coagulation and platelet activation to strengthen the blood flow.Studies also found an increase of antioxidants in the blood, plus, an enrichment of vitamin B6. This protects the heart and helps to soften the chemical effect linked to Cardiovascular disease.

2. Stress relieving

Having a beer after working out, or strenuous activity in general, is a well known pleasure. What is not well known however, are the reasons for this (again, most may assume this is due to the alcohol). Beer is a mineral-rich, electrolytic beverage that bares a similar particle concentration to blood. This allows the particles to be taken in and absorbed much faster than other beverages, meaning the effects are felt much quicker. Following this, potassium is a common mineral found in beer that is known for balancing adrenaline. This reduces shaking of the muscles and blissfully eases stress. And, on top of this, the bitter substance found in hops has an all round soothing effect on the body!

3. Low in calories

For those who aim to lose weight, drinking de-alcoholised beer can be an excellent way to reduce the calorie intake. It has become common knowledge that beer is high in calories (between 180 and 250 kcal per pint). Most alcohol free beers typically contain between 50-80 calories per 330ml bottle. 

4. Supports a healthy baby

If you are pregnant, that would normally mean you are unable to drink alcohol during the 9 months carrying and, if you’re breast feeding, that would also mean you’re having to avoid alcohol for even longer. In this situation, alcohol-free beer can be an excellent substitute when wanting to go out and enjoy yourself. Not only that, but some scientists believe it to be beneficial to you! The folic acid found in beer helps to stimulate the production of milk during breast-feeding. Aside from that, the fact it is rich in vitamins and minerals is an added bonus!

5. better for your body

In early 2005, a study done by medical students at the Okayama University in Japan found that, by feeding mice non-alcoholic beer and exposing them to cancer-causing chemicals, the mice had 85% less damage to their liver, lungs and kidneys than those given water. This led them to believe that there is a high chance of there being compounds within the beer that can prevent the carcinogenic compounds binding to cells. However, as many people know drinking a lot of beer can lead to cancerous problems due to its alcoholic content. Yet another benefit of drinking alcohol-free beer! 

6. Kills the hangover

A problem that the majority of human beings find when they get drunk, is the horrendous after effects that arise the morning after. This is because of dehydration, the lack of core salts, vitamins and minerals in the body, and is usually dependent on how inebriated you are when you fall asleep. The moreish quality of regular beer, however, tends to make you want another and another and thus the blood-alcohol levels continue to rise until peaking around the time you decide to sleep. But could simply switching to alcohol-free beer towards the end of an evening eradicate this problem entirely? It settles that urge we all have to drink more alcohol while, at the same time, hydrating you with electrolytes, replenishing lost vitamins and minerals and easing you softly out of that drunken state. Couple this idea with your usual hangover treatment (e.g. a pint of water and a paracetamol before bed) and you may just find you feel infinitely better the next day. Give it a go!

Are you ready to try an alcohol-free beer?

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