Health Benefiting Beverages!

Unknown to most drinkers, beer is actually great for your health! The only damaging part is...well...the alcohol. Here's a few of our favourite drinks that help us to feel great all week long.

Monday - Milk

Of course, milk is famous for its calcium content. Growing up we're told that milk will make you grow big and strong; whilst some of us are still waiting for that prophecy to prove true, let's look at the other benefits of drinking milk.

Can aid in weight loss - If you're like me, any shortcut to achieving weight loss is welcome with open bingo wings. Milk is full of carbohydrates and protein meaning your body takes longer to absorb it, making you fuller for longer.

Helps you get ripped - Again, because of the high protein content of milk, it helps with muscle repair and growth!

Tuesday - Turmeric Lattes

'What in the world is that?' I hear you ask. Well, essentially it's a latte with turmeric and ginger in it. It tastes great and is riddled with benefits!

Anti-inflammatory - If you're feeling inflamed by the daily frustrations of life, this drink will certainly help you cool down. Well maybe not, but it can definitely help with UTI's.

Beautifying - It also has antioxidants and antibacterial properties making it perfect for reducing redness, acne and blemishes!

Wednesday - Kombucha

From the depths of alternative drinks, I present to you, Kombucha.

"Kombucha is a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly intended as functional beverages for their supposed health benefits" (wikipedias definition.) In China, this drink is known as the 'Immortal Health Elixsir,' so yeah, I would recommend a sip every now and again.

Iron, man... - The iron and B vitamins in this tea is great if you need a pick me up during the middle of the week. 

Detox - This drink gets 5 stars when it comes to its detoxification skills, the antioxidants in it not only helps your liver to get rid of all the mistakes of yesterday, but also helps prevent liver diseases!

Thursday - Smoothies

Fun! - Smoothies are great because you can let your culinary creativity fun free. Coconut and chocolate, strawberries and mushroom! Okay, maybe not, but regardless of your personal taste, it's a good way to pack all your nutrients into a conveniently drinkable product.

Here's one that's fantastic if you need a boost before a work out.

Ingredients: Orange, lemon, spinach leaves, carrot, almond milk, peach - The natural sugar and iron in this supercharged smoothie will  leave you ready to do all of those reps you were planning to do!

Friday - FitBeer

Of course, couldn't go without mentioning Fitbeer! This alcohol free beer comes in at only 66 calories making it irresistibly innocent in regards to health.

Great post work out drink - Replaces fluid lost during exercise 

Good for pregnant women - The folic acid in FitBeer helps to keep the foetus happy and healthy, and encourages breast milk production.

Vitamin B12 - Great pick me up in the middle of the day

Becky Kean