Alcohol-free artisan beer

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"...a delicious beer. Smooth, honeyed notes, a real pleasure to drink."


Harry Wallop, The Times


Welcome To Fitbeer

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Our ingredients

All our ingredients are 100% natural. Water, hops, malted barley and yeast. That's it! No added sugar, nothing weird or chemical, just the 4 main ingredients of beer.

And what's more, they're all sourced from within 20km of the 500 year-old brewery in Bavaria, giving FitBeer that extra fresh taste. 

Our Beer

FitBeer is a golden Bavarian Helles lager, handcrafted in Germany. Not only is it complex and rich in flavour, it has a few surprising health benefits too!

Crisp and refreshing in taste, it has a perfect balance of subtle hops and pleasant malt flavours, with gentle carbonation and a delicious nectar finish.


our mission

"We want people to realise the wonderful benefits that beer has to offer when you take away the alcohol”